Xp Immersion One

Object Mentor's (http://www.objectmentor.com) XP training course in Chicago, December 6-10, 1999.

If you weren't there, you missed out! I expected a lot from this course but it was even better than I expected. The lectures were good, the instructors (KentBeck, RonJeffries, MartinFowler, RobertMartin and his very brilliant fellow ObjectMentor-ites) were very accessible, and the evening discussions were almost the highlight of the event. I could go on but you'll just have to go to the next Xp Immersion and find out for yourself.

--an Elk

Loved it, loved it, loved it ! One question though, I still don't know what is a CraftIte ? I believe it's tied to PhasistPractices, but was too shy to ask :-)

I've put the WikiHomePage of attendees whose names I recognised here... Any others ? --AlanFrancis ( A Lion )


Well, it took a while for me to get a chance to post, but here goes. I was at XpImmersionOne, and I had an absolute blast. It was much more like a seminar or workshop than a straight lecture class. We had lectures in the mornings, hands-on Xp practice in the afternoon, and bull-sessions led by one of the instructors in the evening.

All of the instructors made contributions. Many of the students did, too. The actual course materials were semi-irrelevant: the bottom line was really a) the access to Kent, Ron, Martin, and Bob, and b) the access to each other. It was absolutely a blast, and I strongly recommend the course to anyone seeking to learn more about Xp, from the horse's, errrr, mouthes. -- MichaelHill

The reason Mike took a while to respond is he was out the metaphorical ?back? of wiki having a cigarette :-) -- AlanFrancis

It has taken me a while to respond too... I needed to catch up on the sleep lost with all those late late beer conversations. I thought the class was excellent as well, but I learned much more from the informal conversations in the evening and in between class. It was almost like being able to read this really cool book and have the authors and other experts right there to answer questions and give you further insight and advice. Hmmm... ok, it was exactly like that ;-) -- AaronHinni

Hi Aaron !

I only made one of those late-night beer sessions but man did we set the software world to rights that night... (Big shout-out to the friendly bartender who supplied us with a few beers and saved us room-service charges...Do you think he reads Wiki) ? --AlanFrancis

It's been about two months since the first XP immersion course.

Comment sheets that you fill out at the end of a course almost always has rave reviews.

Before I attend a course, I like to talk to someone who took the course two years ago and ask the question? What did you do today that was influenced by that course that you took two years ago??

Well, if you are thinking about attending the XP immersion training class, there are no two year veterans, at this time, there is just two month veterans :-)

It's not every class you take that benefits you every day. I can make that statement about the XP Immersion Training. Every day, I get a little bit of pair time. Try to force myself to do this Simplest thing that could possibly work, and Design by test.

I play the planning game to make sure that I am working on the correct task. It is useful to hand your manager your stack of stories, and say ?sort these please?.

This has greatly reduced the stress of day to day existence during busy times.

It is fun to be hyper-productive!!!!!!!!!! XP immersion training taught us a series of practices that work together by living through the deployment of these practices.

Thanks for positively affecting the way I work, ---MichaelSchneider

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