Xp Plan It


Tool for defining, refining, maintaining and tracking an IterationPlan the XP way.

Free of charge for the XP community.

Developed by GrahamCunningham and DierkKoenig xp-wise. Hosted at CanooDotCom and based on the UltraLightweightClient.

I always thought, the only tools used for maintaining an IterationPlan the XP way were index cards and a white board... In fact I would fear that a software tool undermines the direct communication.

Me too. I would also fear a tool that keeps my project information on their server. -- sg

Fear, fear, fear. Data please.

For Graham's and my thoughts about when to use a software solution instead of cards, see http://xpplanit.canoo.com/sharedPlan/help/help?WhyXpPlanIt

For anybody who is concerned about having their planning data on our server: you can have your own installation on your own server. But this in turn means you have to do the hosting yourself. We feel that our free hosting is at least a good starting point.

Before using XpPlanIt or any other software solution, we advise to learn the PlanningGame thoroughly with a 'hardware' solution. When switching to a software solution, observe the impact on your team, esp. concerning the 'values' (Communication, Feedback, Simplicity, Courage). This is the outcome of a discussion on this topic at the XpTwoThousandAndOne.

-- DierkKoenig

There's also XpCgi. The striking thing about both things is that they look much like a BugDatabase.

The screenshot you see at http://xpplanit.com contains a "BUG" iteration. But this is just coincidental and evolved from a "refactoring" of our planning (extract bug fixing :-). There is actually no concept for "bug" in the tool. It's totally up to the user to define the meaning of "certain areas on the board". (just like in real life.) -- DierkKoenig

I would add we don't advocate the use of XpPlanIt as a replacement for index cards and the planning game. We are simply trying to provide a solution to our real world problems of no physical storyboard and/or no customer present. We do get some nice side effects such as electronically tracking the project BUT the aim is to get us as close to XP as possible when the books tell us that it cant be done. -- GrahamCunningham

As of November 2009, this page seems to be abandoned. E.g., the link http://xpplanit.com/ doesn't work (the server cannot be found). And the URL http://xpplanit.canoo.com, mentioned in Jutta Ecksteins book, leads to a 403 Forbidden. -- GisbertAmm

Yes, it seems to be gone, but we can retrieve it from the Internet Archive. As of 11-03-2009:

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