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Extreme Programmers Wanted

I am starting a billion dollar software project called ISSU and am looking for talented staff for many different positions.

I have just published a free eBook called Beyond the Information Age at: www.vias.org that will give you the knowledge you need to consider working on this project.

Let me know what you think at: beyondinformation [at] gmail [dot] com.


Dave Ulmer

XP "Position Wanted" -- a place for people with ExtremeProgramming interest or talent to say that they're looking for a position (job or contract) where they can practice ExtremeProgramming.

[Was FindingAnExtremeJobVacancy]

Be sure to check XpHelpWanted, for listing of companies that want to hire ExtremeProgramming talent. (...and CompaniesDoingXp.)

See also JobListingServices.

[US, Long Island]

10/12/2005 Medical Informatics Deparmtent, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY - Agile Programmer is needed

We are looking for an agile programmer to expand our small development team.

For more information about this posting go to: http://naples.cc.sunysb.edu/Admin/CampusJob.nsf/af51a98c4c56cd5c85256731006ae132/ed74d7b69bd353428525709200571558?OpenDocument

Candidates may apply online through the link above or send resumes to: Linda Greenstein Medical Informatics Department SUNY 8330 Stony Brook, NY 11794-8330

[US or International]

Custom-development projects wanted by small team of agile developers. http://www.sourcecell.com


Agile developer with 10+ years of SW experience, humbled by the breadth & depth of this field, and hungry to work with a great group of agile developers. KelleyHarris

[Porland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington]

Software developer with 15+ years experience developing business and database applications, with some hands-on XP experience seeking employment working with an Agile team. SteveJorgensen

[California, San Francisco (East Bay)]

I am VERY interested in getting into another Extreme Programming project. I ran the XP team for Sage Systems (company went under due to lack of funding of Energy startups), and participated as both the manager and as a developer. We didn't implement everything (no pair-programming for example), but did use most of the methodology. It was GREAT! The business partners LOVED it.

So. I'm looking for another one. I am interested in either full-time in the San Francisco, East Bay area, or contracting anywhere (on-site or remote).

Contact me for more info. Thanks,

Mike Anderson

-- mailto:mike.anderson@checkone.com
[Argentina, Mendoza]

Soy un programador de Visual Fox Pro desde hace cinco a?s, y estoy buscando algun proyecto para comenzar a trabajar con XP

Hi I'm a VFP programmer, and I'm looking for a project for xp beginner.

-- mailto:rodrigoj@azinformatica.com.ar
[United States, Dallas, Texas]

I am a great Perl programmer, and I understand XP very well. Somebody should hire me, really! I want to do Java for almost any price. Check out my page: -- JeffBay

[UnitedKingdom, XpEdinburgh/XpLondon]

ExtremeProgramming sounds intriguing and wonderful. But if it's not going to happen in my company (for whatever reason), how I am going to find a job one day in a company where it is happening already, or where it might be expected to happen? My particular area is the UnitedKingdom, and it looks like at least a couple of projects are giving it a go - XpEdinburgh and XpLondon for example.

If you're near London, come along to the ExtremeTuesdayClub - but what about the North and the Midlands?

Well, RichardDrake at ObjectiveComputerSystems is still looking for XPerience or at least enthusiasm. mailto:info@objective.co.uk before the other wacky startups (like CommSecure? :-) get to this page...

[Boston, Massachusetts]

I'd like to know about companies in the Boston, Massachusetts area who are using (or planning to use) XP development with Java. Is it possible that there could be a page on XP jobs in Boston? -- JavaSchrod mailto:jbgde@hotmail.com

There is a company in Cambridge MA looking for XP people go to http://www.extremeprogramming.org/people.html there is a link there.

ExtremeProgramming is showing up in job descriptions on Dice ( http://www.dice.com ) and similar sites, there is also a mailing list http://www.egroups.com/group/xp-jobs

. -- ErikMeade

[Manhattan (New York)]

I am hungry to find or help start an XP project in Manhattan! See my wiki page for a short discussion of my last project and links to my resume. -- RodneyRyan?

I, also. Most of my experience is with server programming and compiler-related tools. Pick me, pick me! Willing to relocate. -- DanielKnapp

I, too, am looking for a position on an ExtremeProgramming project in NewYorkCity! Most of my experience is with WebObjects, Java, and related technologies.--ApoorvaMuralidhara Update: I am now coding (both Web applications and command-line tools) in C#/.NET, PHP, and Ruby. I am doing test-first development with merciless refactoring, but would like to work at an XP shop with the PlanningGame and PairProgramming and so on. I have experience working on a real ExtremeProgramming team, developing custom applications in WebObjects. If you're looking for someone who is enthusiastic about writing code test first, refactoring, ExtremeVersionControl, PairProgramming, and the PlanningGame, and who genuinely enjoys collaborating with others to create clear, high-quality code quickly, and if you happen to be in NewYorkCity, please contact me! My E-mail address is on my home page ApoorvaMuralidhara.

[Waltham, Massachusetts]

I'm a programmer who lives near Waltham, Massachusetts. I want to find an XP job in a Java environment near here. I've been a programmer for decades and when I read Kent Beck's book "eXtreme Programming eXplained - EMBRACE CHANGE" it gave me hope that there might be a shop where productivity is valued over ego.

When I got my first job as a programmer, I was thrilled that someone would actually pay me to do something I loved to do. However, time has taught me that I get paid for all the non-programming stuff: I'd program even if I didn't get paid for it (However, I do have a family so I need to get paid.).

-- JavaSchrod mailto:jbgde@hotmail.com

[Atlanta, GA, USA]

I'm looking for an XP team to join. Preferably in the northern suburbs. My Wiki page has a link to my resume. -- DavidCorbin

If you believe that you have a XPosition in which I might be interested, please contact me at http://www.diaries.com/css

I'm a developer with many years of OO experience, C++ and Java. Most recently I've been part of a team developing an application framework for B2B e-commerce exchanges. I've successfully initiated the conversion of my team to XP practices. I'm looking for a job either as a developer on a good team, or as the team lead/manager to build up a good team doing XP.

I'm currently in Atlanta, GA, but will move to the South SF Bay area by June 2001. I'm interested in finding opportunities there.

Please e-mail me at atulsudhalkar@hotmail.com

[Paris, France]

Whether working within an XP project or not, I will always be interested to hear from XP teams in my small corner of the world who might be looking for an XP coder. -- LaurentBossavit
I've tried some XP rules with my team on a recent project in order to save it from failure. I'm looking for a structure where I could practice XP as a developer, then as a coach. -- ChristopheThibaut
[Pacific Northwest, USA] Attention Seattle/Spokane/Portland/Boise J2EE / XP Developers and Managers! RADSoft is a local company that will work with you and/or your team to help you adopt XP and succeed with XP on your first project. We have over 10 years of rapid incremental, object-oriented development experience and specifically over a year of hard-core Java/XP experience - adopting XP 100% on a first project. It can be done! Let us transfer our experience to your project today: http://www.radsoft.com or mailto:ethan@radsoft.com.
[Denver, Colorado, USA]

RobWilliams wants to work on an ExtremeProgramming project! Contact me to discuss details.
[ColoradoSprings, Colorado, USA]

MichaelFinney Contact me at mailto:finney_@_ACM_._org (remove the underscore chars) I suggest a subject like XP or something like that. I have actually done PairProgramming, UnitTests, helped establish ContinuousIntegration at work, and was an XP Coach on a project.
[Australia, Canberra, ACT]

PaulAshcroft is an MCP proficient in .NET with a particular bent on ExtremeProgramming with an MSF flavour. I am interested in working for good orgs who want to grow XP, or just to expand my network with other XP enthusiasts. mailto:ashcroft@webone.com.au
[NorthernNewJersey?, UnitedStates]

DossyShiobara is a web applications developer well versed in Vignette StoryServer? and V/5 (experience spans from R4.0 through V/5 5.6.2) and have contributed a bit to AOLserver. I'm currently employed, but would seriously enjoy a change of pace working on some new projects, preferably freelance or independent contractor basis. I'm a big proponent of ExtremeProgramming and projects using Tcl a big plus. mailto:dossy@panoptic.com
[Madrid, Spain]

I'd like to know about companies in the Madrid, Spain area who are using (or planning to use) XP development with Java. -- Oscar mailto:oscargonzalez@airtel.net
[Chicago, IL, USA]

I've gotta be kidding. Chicago? I'm the loneliest surfer in ... never mind. -- TomRossen

[Bangalore, India]

Has to be more lonely than Chicago, as far as XP hiring is concerned -- Rohith Rajagopal.

Do XP'ers get canned in pairs also? :-) no.

Do they hire and fire you only as needed? :-) no

Do they ask you the same interview questions when you come back to make sure you are the same mentally? (regression and unit testing) :-) no

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