Xp Versus Hacking

So, hacking finally gets respectable! Yeehaa! Ever since hacking as a term was bent to mean only hacking into systems, the uber-geek has not had a respectable, or marketable term for "what the heck it is they do that no-one understands but they let them do it anyway cause it seems to work most times". Extreme Programming it is then. Cool. -- Eric

Whoah! Slow down for a spell. This ain't CowboyCoding! .... Sure, if ExtremeProgramming fits your picture of hacking ... call what you like to do ExtremeProgramming ... but I bet you'll find that it's far more disciplined than it seems at first glance. It doesn't look like hacking to me anymore at all. First off, the idea is not that no-one understands what is being done. DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork. I think that the more you get into XP, the less like hacking it will seem. XP requires higher discipline than many groups can manage. Give it a go, but I bet you won't feel like you're hacking. Unless you're recklessly adding new garbage ignoring refactoring, or testing, or evolving the metaphor, or any of the numerous things that an XP team needs to be continually doing a lot of. -- EricHerman (different Eric)

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ExtremeProgramming versus Hacking?

Um, isn't that very much like saying ExtremeDriving versus Indy racing?


Also, try using the word "Cracking" when other people might use the word "hacking" ... maybe other people will start doing the same, and we can remove a little of the stigma from "hacking" .... which should still carry some stigma ... but not that stigma.
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