Xunit Bof At Oopsla

This year at OOPSLA, I'd like to organize a birds-of-a-feather session for people who've used, simplified, enhanced or ported the xUnit TestingFramework.

Are you all interested?

ErichGamma and KentBeck really got the ball rolling by writing up JavaUnit in JavaReport magazine. At last count there were over ten ports of KentBeck's framework to languages as diverse as Perl, Java, C++, Visual Basic, and Objective-C.

Meeting at OOPSLA, we'd get a chance to compare notes, and talk about what works and what doesn't.

Please sign this page if you are interested. If you have evening preferences or discussion ideas, please add them.

-- MichaelFeathers

Sounds more like a bird-of-a-Feathers session... :-)

One of my ancestors organized a wild bof centuries ago. Our family has been associated with bofs ever since. - mf :-)

HankRoark SteveFreeman PeteMcBreen KentBeck DanielEnting GregVaughn RichardEmerson
XunitBofAtOopsla was well attended. Here is a list of topics that we discussed along with some proto-solutions:

Fixture Management - what can you do when your fixtures get too large? Functional/Database Testing - dealing with slow setUp and tearDown Concurrency Testing - for the determinedly non-deterministic Servlet Testing - Testing from here We also spoke about all of the different flavors of TestingFramework out there. There seems to be a port to every major OO language along with some interesting hybrids, like CppBridge.

-- MichaelFeathers

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