Ya Wiki

Yet Another Wiki for PHP

http://yawiki.com/ ( BrokenLink 20111014 )

Try: Despite its painfully unoriginal name (If I see one more software package that has the words "Yet Another" in it's name, I think I'm gonna hurl chunder) it looks promising. I haven't played with it much, so my comment is only a guestimate at this point. - Sorry about the name, there are just so many PHP-based wikis out there. In addition, it's based on Yawp, which is (you guessed it) "Yet Another Web Programming" foundation for PHP. -- PaulJones

The description of YaWiki from the website's homepage: "Yawiki is not a traditional wiki; it uses much of the Wiki Way, but adds logical name spaces, access control lists, navigational elements, and more. Yawiki is designed for collaborative web-based documentation efforts, although it can serve very well as a base for any website. What you see now is the default template, but the Yawp site uses a custom theme for Yawiki."

Here are some technical highlights on Yawiki:

One of the big features of YaWiki is the Area Map page. Because YaWiki is for collaborative documentation, and because the underlying Text_Wiki engine will allow for multiple output formats (such as RTF in addition to XHTML) it is useful to have a stated hierarchy for some or all pages on the site. The Area Map page is like any other page, except its indent levels indicate the hierarchy for pages, and it automatically generates navigational elements for the wiki (tabs, side-bars, etc). -- PaulJones

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