You Know Youre Ina Wild West Company When

Revisiting the dot-com era.

Oh, they still exist, but are perhaps not computer-related.

My last job used to be like this. I hope to work in a company like that again. This is where the fun is.

So just out of curiosity. . . Why aren't you still there? I was at a company like that (<deleted due to stupid lawsuit-happy culture>), great company, free Steak-Out on thursdays, $50 bills for everyone on record months, got up to nearly 300 people, then was bought out, then "dissolved" a few months later. I got out early, it wasn't writing on the wall. It was more like a giant billboard with big letters saying "they have our IP, they don't need us anymore"

I'm not there because I'm getting a phD and the company grown and right now it isn't as fun as it used to be. But I'll return soon.

[I used to work at a company like this, too. It was acquired, after which we were all laid off. Very sad, and I greatly miss working there. When done right, it's much more like being part of a family than working for an employer.] Yes, and it sure seems to be a good motivator to all employees. It encourages everyone to do their best, because they feel that sense of responsibility that comes from family. At least it has been that way from my experience. :) (I'm now back with another company like this. Something occurred to me today: You know you're back in a wild-west company when Dilbert is funny again.) [Negative. Dilbert is always funny, has always been funny, and will always be funny because it's based on reality. Adams hissef admitted that he got the bulk of his material straight out of emails, 85% of which started with the line, "I am not making this up..."]
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