Ypsilanti Eyeball

YpsilantiEyeball was an experimental Wiki designed to serve the community needs of Ypsilanti Michigan.

It currently lives at: http://replay.web.archive.org/20050424002751/http://sknkwrks.dyndns.org:1957/writewiki/wiki.pl

Pretty soon (some time in the next year or so), we're going to move it off onto a public server and put up a more spiffy front page. The objective of the Wiki part will be to let interested people in the community exchange information. I have friends on several public commissions who are interested in using it to post meeting minutes for public perusal.

Several friends and I are also putting together an artist resource center that will have conventional and high-tech art production tools. I imagine that we'll either carve out a corner of the YpsilantiEyeball for our purposes, or else we'll set up another database.

Please feel free to visit the site and make commentary either here or on the site. I've been refactoring pages and structure regularly to try and get an efficient portal to the information inside!

Thanks for your help! --KirkKitchen

By the way -- I use about a half-dozen other private Wiki databases for fact collection, drill-down and trouble-ticket tracking for mission critical software projects. It works great, but only if you figure out how to make it work. Unlike bug-tracking databases where everything is pretty much spelled out, you have to design an intelligent structure. The best thing is that you can add more information and structure free-form as you go, so the system morphs to fit your changing needs -- without a significant investment in software or database development.


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