Zen Programming

ZenProgramming starts with drawing some UML (uhhh...), then you meditate on them... only after long meditation with a deep breath you will say "now I see...", forget about those UMLs and finally start clear coding... --dimaster

With the right breathing meditation and maybe uhhhml can be skipped --nomaster

This is, of course, unrelated to the TaoOfProgramming?. --ziz

Having absorbed enough spice, one might fold the DataAnalysis? dimension onto the dimension where the body of code you need to create is at in the future. And voila, there is it. -- (sorry for the FrankHerbert ref) StijnSanders

(Don't be sorry, if you're embarrassed just go hide under a Dune.)

That's only half funny. I often have dreams where I write code the whole night. Right before I wake up I think "after I wake up I'll just transfer the code from my wetware to my computer". Since the design is done and the code is written, it should work well right? Well, maybe the bandwidth for DreamToComputer? transfer is just too low. Perhaps a better ZenLevel? would allow cleaner transfer.

ZenProgramming = MeditateOnUML sounds suspiciously like the FeynmanAlgorithm
I think there is a lot more to be said about being emotionally grounded when crafting software in a high-pressure environment. Simple design, TDD, refactoring and good object design principles can all be substituted for quality-destroying alternatives. Adoption of more rigorous engineering practices in an environment more accustomed to the JFDI process (Just eF'in Do It process), often struggle with the pace of development and the amount of code that might be getting built. This is when fears need to be rained in, when one must be aware of whats going on externally and internally, checking-in with our Self and then remaining mindful of what the practice is all about - foregoing quality should be the very last option, if ever at all. I believe there is some distance in the Zen concept.

- NickRobinson.

WhatNotHow and OnceAndOnlyOnce can be viewed as zen-like. WhatNotHow encourages seeing through all the distractions by remaining focussed on the prime concept. OnceAndOnlyOnce reveals commonality we would not have seen without much meditation. -- PeterLynch

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