Zero Diff

NewRecentChanges may show a 0 byte change (which may happen if e.g. "guff" is replaced by "fish"), but QuickDiff shows plain nothing. How can this happen, when non-changing saves are ignored by the EditPage? Answer: Two saves by the same person, where the second edit undoes the first.

From mail on Eliz page:

What do you gain by a change in a page like PrevalenceInMusty? And how do you do it (appear to be zero change)? Now that I am no longer a newbie, this lack of knowledge become a bit embarrassing. -- dl

I guess she changed something, saved and then changed her mind and undid the change. This shows up as an empty (0-byte) change. I HaveThisPattern too. B-) -- .gz

If you're referring to a '0' in RecentChanges, it can occur if you delete as many characters as you add. For example, if an edit consists of removing the word 'guff' and replacing it with 'fish'. -- DaveVoorhis

No I'm not referring to that '0', but to a '0', that corresponds to an empty change, i.e. diff shows nothing (something, that cannot occur with a single save, because wiki says: no changes). But as it seems I'm wrong and some other change is meant. -- .gz

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