Zygo Blaxell

See also my pet project SoftWiki. If my furry little pets had as much attention as I've been giving SoftWiki lately, they'd be furry little skeletons by now.
Hi Zygo! -- MartinPool

Hey, are you still interested in SoftWiki? Just wondering -- MeatBall:BayleShanks

Yeah, I'm still interested in SoftWiki, but it's sitting in the middle of a huge pile of other interesting and distracting projects (both at home and at work). I seem to be stuck in a zero-sum game: each completed project creates at least one new project to replace it. -- ZygoBlaxell
Zygo is the Last Page of Wiki. If you started with AaMilne, you're done. Go home and get some rest.

Zygo is no longer the last page of the Wiki. The last one is now ZzoWiki.

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