Recent Changes and Additions

See also Recent Changes in the Portland Pattern Repository
and Recent Changes in the People, Projects & Patterns database.

Thr Oct 31, 1996
I've written forewords for two new pattern books, one on Smalltalk by Kent Beck and another on businessish analysis by Martin Fowler.

Wed Oct 4, 1995
At OOPSLA '89 Kent and I introduced CRC Cards with our paper A Laboratory for Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking. I've scanned it from the proceedings and redrawn the illustrations.

Wed Sep 13, 1995
Found and scanned in a copy of my OOPSLA'87 Position Statement reporting on early success with pattern languages a Tektronix.

Fri Jul 21, 1995
Finally typed in the remarks I made at WOOD '94 claiming that Everything I Need to Know About Objects I Could Have Learned Skiing.

Mon May 1, 1995
Added a new page: C2.COM as Public Space, which explains the philosophy behind this server.

Fri Mar 24, 1995
Added a reference in Recent Papers to the PLoP '94 proceedings, and my introduction to them.

Fri Mar 17, 1995
Added my OOPSLA '91 contribution on the WyCash Report Writer. This was scanned and ocr'd so the two figures are a little jagged.

Tue Feb 21, 1995
Added options to the Top-Ten tally.

Fri Feb 17, 1995
Added a program to tally the Top-Ten files served.

Tue Jan 31, 1995
Added more information about our training work.

Thr Jan 19, 1995
Added a separate change section to the pattern repository.

Tue Jan 17, 1995
Added another installment of Kent's Best Practice patterns. This one is about Code Formatting.

Thr Jan 5, 1995
Spruced up much of PPR now that we have visitors.
Added a new pattern language by Kent Beck called Temporary Variables.

Thu Dec 22, 1994
Added page with inline images of first CRC cards.