Biota Language Interpreter

This page is my current best guess at the semantics of Ward Cunningham's Biota language. I would welcome corrections. The source is in biota.js

Start by selecting a sample or Show your own program below. Even columns are code and data. Odd columns have control characters: '$' for the program counter, '#' for the data counter.

      g     r 
      t     g 
        g g 
                                          1#. 3 #


        . . c .
        . . s . .
        t   g
        t   t
        t   . t . .$d
        t   s   .     .
        b   .   b . s s .               1#2 3 4 5
    . s s . b   .   b
      .     .   s   t
        u d t t t   t
                t   t
                g   t
            . . s . .
              . c . .


data counter direction

[Formatted code will show up here]

Press Run or Step to single step the program and see the counter positions update. The program counter is red and the data counter is green.

ms times

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Last modified: 2005-09-29