Codosome Hexis

JimLarson and WardCunningham will be showing an interactive video work called Codosome Hexis based on the Atmel AVR microprocessor.

This photo is of a prototype of the software running on a Teency:


We'll have more photos here once the work installs.

This project has roots in a series of video implementations for the AVR Tiny12 and Tiny45 collectively known as TinyTv. See also VideoCircles and ValueFilterMeter.

Watch Ward and Jim explain VideoCircles rebirth at Dorkbot PDX 0x04:

This project's source code has been released under GPL V2 and hosted on GitHub:

Here is the open-source project's description:

Interactive video generated in Atmel AVR assembly language and controlled by photocells as part of a Dorkbot art installation at the ON Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

Here are some photos of the installation. The first is of Jim and I celebrating an amazingly smooth setup. The second shows gallery goers operating the piece with flashlights shining through the gallery's front window.

This three minute video chronicles the project from the restart early this summer up to the opening at the OnGallery on FirstThursday in October. It is meant as a tribute to the amazingly supportive Dorkbot community.



Last edited October 4, 2009
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