Karen Cunningham For Beaverton School Board

Re-elect Karen Cunningham to the Beaverton School Board

An Advocate For Balance

Karen understands that the success of the district means balancing the interests of taxpayers, parents and staff to provide the best education to our students.

A Voice For Achievement

Karen believes our students each need to be prepared for college and the workforce. She speaks out for the need to consider the annual progress of each student as well as overall district achievement.

A Candidate With Experience

Karen has been an active volunteer in the Beaverton School District and the Oregon educational community for the last 19 years. Her work with students, parents, teachers, legislators, administrators, community members and other school board members around the state gives her a broad perspective on the state educational landscape as well as each of our local schools.

How You Can Help

Karen is running a contested campaign against an opponent. Use these buttons to choose how you will commit to Karen's campaign:


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Last edited March 23, 2009