The Election

Re-elect Karen Cunningham to the Beaverton School Board

The election is May 19, 2009

Your ballot must be received by elections officials no later than May 19, 2005. Postmarks do not count. Elections officials will mail ballots to registered voters by May 1, 2009.

The Beaverton School District is divided into seven zones and school board candidates run for the zone in which they reside. All registered voters living anywhere within the Beaverton School District can vote for one candidate in each zone that is up for election.

You must register to vote if you are not already registered or if you recently moved. To register to vote or to update your current registration, download a Voter Registration Form from the Oregon Secretary of State's website at:

Your registration form must be postmarked by or delivered to the Washington County elections office by April 28, 2009.

Last edited March 23, 2009