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Re-elect Karen Cunningham to the Beaverton School Board

Beaverton Valley TImes May 7, 2009

In these difficult economic times, experience and on-going engagement with the issues facing local schools and the students taught here are essential board skills.

Zone 1

We are very enthused to endorse Karen Cunningham for a third term on the School Board. Cunningham has grown greatly in leadership skills, confidence and accomplishment.

Cunningham thinks ahead as evidenced by her leadership within district strategic planning and the citizens’ school bond campaign. In a growing district, she knows that sufficient and safe school buildings and classrooms are a priority.

She also understands that schools need to focus on individual student achievement, while attending to and managing the diverse and blended needs of a large and growing school enrolment. Equitable educational opportunities for all students is one pathway, she says.

If re-elected, Cunningham has the rare opportunity to serve as a mentor for newer school board members and as a builder of even greater communication bridges with the general public.

What constituents say about Karen

I have had the pleasure of seeing Karen Cunningham in action as a parent volunteer and as a school board member. Karen has been one of the biggest advocates for our children's education. She has used her boundless energy to promote what is best for kids and continues to do so. Her leadership and experience are what we need as we face uncertain financial times. Karen does not just lead but she listens. She is not a person to make decisions without hearing all sides. She is not afraid to face challenges and make the unpopular decision if means the best for our kids. She will stand up for what is best for our schools while always taking into account what is necessary for the best education for our children. It is without hesitation that I support a woman who has selflessly given of herself to make sure the future is brighter for all of us. -- Elizabeth (Lisa) Leslie

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