About The Authors

These are people who have contributed to the creation of this program.

  • Ward Cunningham -- Designed the instructional algorithm and wrote the assembly and Pascal versions along with most of this website.

  • Jim Wilson -- Built the computer for the first version. Wrote the C versions, both for DOS and the current multimedia version.

  • Steve Belter -- Edited my 1977 QST article after publishing Meet the Microprocessor in QST a few months earlier.

  • Paul Barina -- Helped with assembly versions, especially the 6502 for which he was an early expert.

  • Wayne Downer -- Built the computer for the single-chip computer version. Wrote terminal and alphanumeric led drivers.

  • Justin Burket -- Built the version for the Mac under OS X.

  • Travis Brown -- Bult the version for later Mac OS X versions.

Most were at Purdue University in the '70s when the microprocessor revolution started. Some were involved in the amateur radio club, W9YB.


Last edited February 7, 2013
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