Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why not have digital readouts for speed and tone?

A: Don't worry about the exact speed or tone. As you get more familiar with the sound of letters you will prefer to make adjustments by ear. While you are learning, choose a speed where the dots and dashes run together a little bit but you can still tell the letters apart by the overall sound.

Q: Why do you make me start over each time I use the program?

A: The program teaches you to know the long letters really well before it introduces shorter ones. However, If you think you know better than it, you can add or remove letters by clicking on the letters under the bar.

Q: Why don't you include punctuation in the practice text?

A: We suspect that punctuation is better learned in the context of realistic text. If you think otherwise, you can add some symbols, or remove the digits, from the practice alphabet using options available in the program's "Morse" menu.

Q: Do I need to know how to touch-type?

A: No, the program is happy to go at hunt-and-peck typing speed. Try to be uniform in your typing, not fast.

Q: Where should my eyes be? What should I be looking at?

A: If you already touch type, look at the text field to see if letters appear. If you don't touch type, hunt-and-peck looking at the keyboard. You will know you made the right choice when you hear the next letter.

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Last edited June 4, 2016
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