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February 2020 Serge, ON4AA reports,

Linux stand-alone version of the Morse Code Teaching Machine has failed to start on some machines with the cryptic error:

  Usage:program_name [address][:port]no sound

After a differential analysis between the installed packages on multiple machines, I figured out what was wrong.

So, here is my quick tip to get the stand-alone Linux version running on modern Ubuntu and Debian machines.

  $ sudo apt install osspd-pulseaudio

One simply needs to install one missing dependency with this command.

August 2005

Lately, the Linux sound subsystem has been "enhanced" into a state of disrepair. Under FC4, after running the Windows version, morse.exe (under Wine, of course), the Linux version's sound becomes garbled. I suspect the same behaviour may occur in other circumstances, as well.

For me, a workaround (under bash) is to:

     export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa

into the environment. Perhaps some Gnome or KDE guru will describe how to make the equivalent voodoo in that context.


Last edited February 19, 2020
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