How To Learn Code

The program starts out sending. It won't go on until you type what it sent. If you wait just a bit it will show you the letter and then send it again. Let it do this a few times when you hear a new letter. Press Enter when you need to take a break. The program shows you the letters you've been getting along with its estimate of your chance of missing it. For new letters it assumes the worst.

That's it. You now know how to work the program. I wrote this program to Simulate My Own Teacher.

Here are a few more tips for learning code.

  • Concentrate on how each letter sounds. Hear the letter as a whole, not dots and dashes.

  • Type the letters slowly and carefully. You do not need to touch-type, but, if you've considered learning that too, here is some excellent advice on How To Learn To Type with tools that are very complementary with this program.

  • Spend at least an hour in every practice session. Let the program start from scratch each time. You show it what you know.

  • Rest for at least 15 minutes in peace and quiet when you are done. Your mind has to consolidate what you've learned. Other activity will interfere.

  • Use the program at least once a week but no more than once a day. My wife learned the code in four sessions in as many days.

  • The program sends characters quickly but with all the space between letters you need. Expect to average at about 5 words per minute. That is good enough for a novice ham license. Use tapes to go faster.

Joe Soboul offers these notes on the Sound Of Code.


Last edited December 11, 2007
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