Travis Brown

I took the source code that Dmity forked on github and updated the Makefile to statically link the libraries.

I'm K2NP. First licensed in the late 90s as KC2FZJ. Yes, that was the worst call ever. I needed CW to get my ticket back then, but I learned it just enough to pass the test. It was an RX only test back then, and I had a brain like a sponge so I sucked it in without any problem. The problem with sponges, of course, is they dry out if they aren't used. I really like working DX and when the fone bands are dead, there is always CW to work. Unfortunately, about the only thing I recognize anymore is "CQ" and "SOS". Luckily, I hear a lot more of the former than the latter :)


Last edited February 5, 2013
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