Wayne Downer

I met Wayne while I was a sophomore in college and he was a senior in high school. His friend Lee had heard me operating 40-meter single-sideband from my dorm room. I operated the same time every week, usually talking to an old friend from my high school. Lee made a regular habit of joining me and brough his friend Wayne to meet me because of our mutual interestes in computers.

Wayne and Lee both began Purdue the following year and looked me up on their arrival. Amazingly, Wayne and Lee both ended up moving to Beaverton to work for Tektronix after their graduation. Together they talked me into finally leaving the cozy college town of West Lafayette, Indiana. It was on my arrival in Beaverton that we put together the Single Chip Morse Teacher.

Wayne is licensed as WB8TFM.


Last edited May 20, 2005
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