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Here are kudos from users of our program.

  • Great little program. Been using the one for Windows for a few days now and it's amazing how it has helped so far. -- Richard Turenne

  • I found your program after searching for just such an aide. I love it, simple and clever feedback to follow my speed. When I just started out, I could have used a few more seconds to respond as I needed practice finding the keys on the keyboard. -- Scott Raglin

  • I originally taught morse commercially to trainee ships radio officers before going to sea myself. I used morse commercially for 23 years as well as on the amateur bands. The morse for windows application is very good, if only we had it in the old days, then again that was pre Sinclair ZX81 and BASIC programming. -- John C. Byrne

  • I would just like to thank you personally for these programs. I had the DOS version, and loved it. I lost it in a minor coffee vs. laptop incident. I just found your site and downloaded the Windows version. My K1 is in the mail to me and I need to practice the code. Many Thanks. -- Dave Peterson

  • Thanks so much for making your Morse Code Teaching Machine freely available. I already have my Australian Full Licence but enjoy using your program to peak up my copying. Heartily recommend your program to ALL budding amateurs and anyone else interested in continuing the use of CW. Cheers -- Bill Chaloner

  • Thank you very much for work creating the morse.exe. I enjoyed training on it. Especially because it makes me type on the keyboard. I consider that 3 skills. 1). Hearing and understanding Morse Code. 2). The ability to type (home keys). 3). The ability to put the 2 together. normally you type from a text, you don't think about anything else but the keys. This is thinking /undestanding the code and typing. -- Paul Wray

  • I have tried so many programs to learn code and found them very demanding. I was ready to give up. I have tried many but just couldn't seem to get past the dahs & dits. I even turned to my husband to help me. He had trouble helping me because he couldn't seem to go as slow as I needed him to. I came upon your program two days ago and am doing better than I ever knew I could. Of course I still need to practice alot, but I feel confident that your program will help me greatly. Thank you for sharing this program with people like me. -- Lila Christ

These are kudos earned by the earlier DOS version of morse.

And observations about the site and software in general.

  • Unlike other media, nothing preserves the bits better than use. -- Ed Summers



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