Norman L. Kerth

Norm Kerth is a consultant working with companies interested in ensuring that they make a successful transition to using the object-oriented technologies. He includes the wider issues of specification and design activities, quality assurance, continuous process improvement, project management and building effective teams. The goal is to produce fine quality software products, in budget and on schedule, in an atmosphere that creates pride in and enjoyment of one's work. An object-oriented approach is one of many important tactics in achieving this goal.

His clients include Mentor Graphics, Tektronix, Data General, I.B.M., Sequent, Automatic Data Processing, Intel, Systems Technologies Corporation, Data Dynamics, Leupold & Stevens, Wacker Siltronics, Advance Computer Engineering, Josten's Learning, the Grass Valley Group, Empros Systems International, Itron, Audio Precision, Stonner Associates, CAChe Scientific, Northwest Natural Gas, Investor's Diversified Services (IDS), Audio Precision, Syntellect, Bell Atlantic, Allen-Bradley, Touch Technology, Computer Curriculum Corporation, the University of Southwestern Louisiana and the National Science Foundation.

Before starting his own consulting company in 1988, Norm held the position of Principal Engineer/Research Professor in the University of Portland's Applied Research Center. He is an expert in the areas of specification and design methodologies and CASE tools. He has special interests in the areas of specification for human interface intensive problems and bringing engineering discipline to the practice of developing object-oriented programs.

His projects have ranged from the development of a real-time intensive automated factory floor, and robotics to user interface intensive application programs and multi-user data intensive information systems in Smalltalk and C++.

Before joining the U. of P., Norm spent ten years working for Tektronix in a variety of positions. He developed several micro-processor based embedded systems for instrumentation and peripheral equipment, and established a research group investigating new software engineering principles and practices. He was responsible for the early work that led to Tek's structured analysis tools and held the position of Corporate Software Engineering Consultant.

He is currently a member of the Weinberg & Weinberg faculty.

Also available on this server: An Approach to Postmorta, Postparta & Post Project Reviews (70k).

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