Steve Peterson

The first time I started thinking about writing patterns was at OOPSLA'93 when I met Ward Cunningham and he told me of a conference coming up where people would be publishing their work. This event turned out to be the Pattern Languages of Programs(PLoP)'94 Conference. I had first heard about patterns a couple years prior to OOPSLA'93 but it was Ward's enthusiasm for the subject that inspired me to read Christopher Alexander's books and start my journey toward enlightenment.

I've always been interested in software construction methods but my primary interests have been along the lines of database management system(DBMS) architecture and the development business processing systems using DBMS technology. Although I have worked on very large online transaction processing(OLTP) systems, the most interesting projects I have worked on have involved the design and implementation of decision support systems(DSS). The Stars pattern language is the culmination of the last DSS project that I worked on for Sequent Computer Systems. I enjoyed working on Stars since it was a chance to work with a new software construction method, patterns, plus DBMS technology.

As for the other things that I've worked on they have included ODBMS porting and interface development(GemStone) and benchmarking(GemStone, Versant). The programming languages that I currently use are Smalltalk, C++, and Visual Basic. In the past I've worked with various languages and environments such as Forte, Ochre, C, COBOL, IBM 360 Assembler, SNOBOL, and Pascal.

Patterns are an expression of 'best practice' knowledge that is captured in a stylized literary form. As time allows, I plan on writing down more of my experience while experimenting in the pattern form. I'm hoping that my current responsibilities at Sequent that are involved with the research and dissemination of object oriented analysis and design methods will lead in the direction of patterns. I think there is much yet to harvest in this exciting new area.

Steve Peterson
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