Some information on Wolfgang Keller


After a business apprenticeship with OSRAM, I studied computer science at Munich Technical University. Here I received a "Diplom" (MS degree) in 1991 after half a year at NYU in 1990. Following another short stay as a teaching assistant for business administration I joined sd&m as a software developer in late 1991. For sd&m I did some object oriented projects comprising a specification for a materials flow system, a document generation system and some consulting jobs like e.g. introduction of object oriented development methods for HYPO-Bank in Munich. Here we specified and programmed an object oriented access layer for legacy data in C++.

At the moment I'm project leader of a joint research project called "ARCUS Standard Architecture for Business Information Systems". ARCUS is a cooperation of sd&m and Munich Technical University.

We are researching formal methods for description of software architectures and are collecting patterns for a Design Handbook for Business Information Systems. The pattern we posted here is our first try in pattern writing. We would like to encourage comments and reviews that help us find our style which is not easy after all the excellent material published by GOF and because we have patterns that range from high level architectures to low level idioms. But we enjoy it.

My personal research interest is still integration of OODBMS with all kinds of legacy data relational or hierarchical. I've posted some papers on this topic in the object section of Compuserve's CASEFORUM.