Date: 25 Jun 96
From: Daniel Nichols

I have a copy of the abstract of your paper "Modeling Under Pressure". It seems like I recently saw a reference to a paper(s) on the pattern language you developed that's related to the paper.

I can't seem to find any of my notes or references now. Is the full paper from Smalltalk Solutions 96 available anywhere? Also the associated pattern language papers? Can you point me to them?

From: Ward Cunningham

I haven't completed Part II. Instead I have prepared a talk based on the whole language as a step toward making a highly refined combined part I & II. I gave the talk at Smalltalk Solutions. I also give it as part of my consulting work. I figure this work is the only way I have to test some of the language's more arguable aspects. When finished I think it will be a book, not a PLoP paper.