About c2.com/vlis

This directory contains pictures that have been contributed to the JohnVlissides wiki page. If you have pictures that you would like to include with stories on that page, you can email them to ward@c2.com or to several other friends of John who are collecting pictures and forwarding them.

Pictures should have either a serial number for a file name like those given to pictures by digital cameras, or, they should have a descriptive name constructed using hyphen or underscore in place of space. These would be good file names:

  • IMG211413.JPG
  • John_and_Joe_Last_Chrismas.jpg
A file name like john.jpg is undesireable because it could easily conflict with another submission. If your pictures have this sort of name, rename it now before submitting it.

Pictures in this directory have a url (web address) that is the file name with a standard prefix. You can cite the pictures that you submit by simply including the full url within stories written on the wiki page. The urls for the pictures above would be:

  • http://c2.com/vlis/IMG2114113.JPG
  • http://c2.com/vlis/John_and_Joe_Last_Chrisstmas.jpg
Be careful to use the same capitalization as you do when you name your pictures. Send me one picture at a time by including it as an attachment to your email. Use picture for c2.com/vlis as the subject like so that I know what to do with the pictures.

If you know how to size pictures, I recommend you size them to a width of 300 to 500 pixels. This is small for digital pictures but look plenty good on web pages. If you don't know how to do this, I'll resize your pictures for you. Resize a copy of your pictures, not the original. Keep that at full resolution for your own records.

Best regards. -- Ward Cunningham