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Cheaper --- RichardGabriel 1 Dec 2001

. . . You want to communicate with someone far away but have no money for it or don't like to spend it. . .

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We all have friends who live far away. The American culture from the beginning of our country has been based on a continued and continuously renewed push from East to West, which has spread families from coast to coast. We yearn to go to school somewhere else, and we find our loves and livelihoods there and move in. So we want to communicate.

We don't like bills or paying by the minute to do something that's reflective. Why pay to sit and think between words or phrases? Or we don't like to pay, period.


Use some form of textual electronic communication. It's a local call, which seems to cost nothing because it's part of a monthly fee you pay whether you use it or not, or it's a connection to the Internet that is paid for by the month. It's cheap and you can spend time thinking.

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It's also faster (TimelyResponse). And people tend to pay attention to email when they won't to most else.

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