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At OOPSLA 2000, in a workshop on Patterns & Pattern Languages, several of us (?MikeBeedle, JoshuaKerievsky, RichardGabriel, ?RonGoldman & others) discussed what a software-related Pattern Language that focused on human needs and values might look like. We wanted something more than a collection of the low-level, how-to patterns like those typically produced in the software patterns world. We wanted an actual pattern language that would guide a person in deciding what to build, rather than how to build it. Something that would lead to designs infused with the Quality Without a Name (QWAN). Something that would help to create software systems that would enrich our lives and help us to be more human. We thought that developing a pattern language for designing email clients might allow us to make progress towards this goal.

To develop this pattern language will take a lot of work. We encourage people to join us for discussions and to help write up possible patterns and sequences. We think it might be useful to try and use various forms of email and electronic discussion as we work on the pattern language.

We have set up a mailing list on eGroups where messages and working documents will be archived. You can subscribe by going to We have also created this Wiki Web and welcome your comments below. -- ?RonGoldman


Last edited December 17, 2002
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