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(Morning Paper (was Digest) --- ?RonGoldman 12 Jan 2002

. . . the RhythmOfConversation varies considerably for GroupDiscussions, some people will prefer to respond immediately to new messages while others will favor dedicating a chunk of time to the discussion.

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Some people work better when they can devote a continuous period of time to a task; they prefer to deal with the task in one big chunk rather than lots of little ones.

An example is how people read the newspaper: Most people prefer to sit down with their morning paper and read it through in one sitting. Likewise for those who read the evening paper after returning home from work.

So with email, many people would do not want to receive dozens of messages throughout the day. Instead they would prefer to get a single digest of messages each day for each mailing list they subscribe to. Then rather than being continuously interrupted, they can focus on all of the messages on the mailing list at one time. Moreover if the digest is sent late at night, it will not interrupt most people; instead it will be sitting in their in basket when they start their day---just like a morning paper.


Make it possible for people to receive all the messages sent to a mailing list during the day in a single digest message. Let the user reply to an individual message in the digest, so as to respect the threads of individual conversations (ConversationsThreading).

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Last edited December 24, 2002
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