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Return Receipt (was Notify User if Mail has been Read/Scanned) --- ?RonGoldman 10 Jan 2002

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When we send an important message we want to know that it reaches the intended recipient.

If we post an important letter in the mail we may pay extra to receive a return receipt. It provides us proof of delivery. The return receipt shows who signed for the item and the date that it was delivered. The return receipt may also inform us of an updated delivery address if the letter needed to be forwarded. We don't know that anyone ever opened and read our letter, but we do know that it arrived into their hands.

With email we can do better. We can have the receiving machine notify us when the email arrives, and we can further be notified when the mail is finally read. Or at least we can request to be notified when the mail is read-some people value their privacy and will not want their computers reporting to others on their actions.


For any asynchronous communication system build in a way to allow the sender to be notified that their message was successfully delivered and when it is actually read by the person who has received it. Do so in a way that allows the receiver to preserve their privacy, if they so choose.

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Make sure that the receiver remains Safe (SafeToUse), the default behavior for an email client should be to ask for permission before sending a return receipt notification.

Consider using FlaggedMessages as a way to indicate to the sender that their mail has been received/read.


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