Slow Letter

Slow Letter --- RichardGabriel Nov 2001

. . . you have determined that a textual electronic communication system will be used for slow, deliberate communication rather than rapid-fire interactions . . .

  • * *

The rhythm on communication will be slow, the writer will want tranquility while writing, interruptions may not be welcome. When writing a deliberate letter, there will be many false starts, but the letter will be thoroughly reviewed before being sent; it may take days to write the letter, and part of it may change or be moved about.

The letter to be sent is not urgent though it may be eagerly anticipated. The letter may be in response to a long one received earlier.


Create a writing context in which automatic spell and grammar checking is turned off or can be invoked only; cause notifications of communications to be silent, quiet, or visually subtle. Enable the writer to view easily the letter to which he or she is responding, and create a way for the partially written letter to be saved for further revision and writing.

  • * *

There is no need to send the letter quickly, so standard email is adequate. Spell and grammar checking should be available, but activated only on command. The visual context of the writing area---including toolbars and menus---should be tranquill, unobtrusive.


Last edited December 24, 2002
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