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Stylized Letter --- JoshuaKerievsky 30 Nov 2001

... you are adding stylization features to an email client that will allow users to write emails using various fonts and images.

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Plain text is great for quick emails, but isn't always the best way to express more subtle ideas. Authors customarily resort to italicizationating, bold or different fonts to convey meaning or simply make a message easier to read. However, since not every email client can make sense of the stylization encodings, some emails show up with spurious computer codes that make the letter harder to read than plain text.

Because many email clients don't support stylized messages, many authors hesitate to use stylization for fear that their message will show up in someone's inbox with odd code in it. This means that stylization features in an email client are suspect---you don't know when you can use them safely because your email client doesn't know the capabilities of the email clients you're sending messages to.


Give every email client a default, but customizable, mapping between stylized text and it's plain text equivalent. When a stylized email arrives, the email client will display the letter in the richest way possible, based on its capabilities.

			      * * *

To facilitate the creation of stylized letters, outfit each email client with stylization features whether or not their email client supports different fonts or images. Provide a default editor, but allow user's to use their own, most comfortable editor EditingEase.

Include stylization mapping suggestions with sent emails using AnnotatedMessages.


Last edited October 13, 2004
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