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Decisions accumulate in software. Some decisions are wiser than others. BitRot is nothing more than the accumulation of poor decisions, decisions that usually look good at first but interact poorly with decisions made elsewhere. If only we had known.

Caution: This site is a mockup for evaluation purposes only. We are writing fit-style acceptance tests for the database and cgi scripts that will perform the operations described in these pages. See AcceptanceTests.

This site, spawned from the BuiltForLife workshop, is one small contribution to the reveral of bit rot. It contributes by by asking and answering one question: Why? Try it yourself:

Although we are happy to hold answers here, we recognize that our primary responsibility is to allocate the space of answer numbers. We do this in small, medium and large batches.

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Here are a few more sources of information and ways to navigate this site. We thank you for your interest.

Legal Notice: This site, the text and the site design are Copyright (c) 2002, Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. Answers recorded here are released to the public domain by their authors as a condition of storage but other materials they may have linked with the cooresponding numbers are not influenced in any way by this agreement. See LegalDetails.


Last edited November 27, 2002
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