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Call for Participation: Workshop on Extensible Program Representations for Interactive Development Environments (EPRIDE)

The EPRIDE 2007 Workshop will be held on Monday July 30th, immediately preceding ECOOP (European conference on Object-Oriented Programming) in Berlin.

The thesis of the workshop is that no single, pre-defined representation of programs in an IDE can possibly be adequate for all of the uses that may emerge; instead, we must focus on extensible representations. How can we engineer representations that are extensible and efficient, and yet provide clients with a simple way of getting the information that they need?

The workshop aims to bring together those involved in building plugins and restructuring tools for IDEs — the consumers of information about the program — and those involved in developing parsers and program analyses that create the information needed for the tools — the providers of information.

For more information, and to find out how to participate, please go to . The deadline for applications is 31st May.


Last edited May 22, 2007
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