Freely Available Password

You can write to these pages using the GuestUser account and the freely available password which you construct using your knowledge of compiler technology.

The password for the guest account is six letters constructed from a three-letter acronym by recruiting an additional letter from each word of the acronym.

The acronym is AST. We expect you know the words for which that stands. If the acronym were MPG, for Miles Per Gallon, then the password would be mipega.

We reserve the right to change the GuestUser password in the face of abuse. We are happy to create a small number of personal user accounts for authors who do not want to share the GuestUser password. Write to this adddress:

Please specify within the first paragraph the WikiName you would prefer as an account. You will recieve a suitably short message in response. The default password for your account is the same as the account name and is case sensitive. You should log on immediately and look for the change password link on your home page.


Last edited March 9, 2007
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