Full Day Workshop

The EPRIDE will be held in Berlin in conjunction with ECOOP 2007. If you are invited to attend the workshop, you will also need to register at the ECOOP web site, http://ecoop07.swt.cs.tu-berlin.de/

The plan for the workshop is still evolving as participants identify themselves. We want to have a good mixture of presentations and discussion.

In the morning, we plan to informing ourselves about existing approaches to code representation. We want to do this by presenting a problem in the spirit of the challenges, a particular existing code model, and a tentative solution to the problem in the context of that model. This would be followed by a presentation of a second model, and a description of how this second model solves the same problem. We may have a third presentation, if we find a third model, or we may defer this until the afternoon.

After the presentations, we will continue with discussion among, and less structured remarks from, the participants.

What we hope to emerge from these discussions is a list of open issues. After lunch, we will spend some time working in small groups on new solutions for those or other problems, for the various code models.

Towards the end of the day, the working groups will report their conclusions, and the workshop as a whole will decide on where next to take this project, for example, by creating publications of performing implementation experiments.

The details will be adapted to the group of participants, and we welcome your input (for example, as part of your ProposalsForAttendance). If you have a model that you would like to tell us about, make a page that describes it briefly.


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