How To Participate

The EPRIDE 2007 workshop has been cancelled due to insufficient participation — 4 June 2007.

We are collecting problems in IDE tool design and asking proponents of specific program representations to show how their solutions cope with these challenges.

For example, one challenge might be to design an interface for a service that infers type information from program source, and presents it so that an intelligent code completion assistant can use that information.

You can participate online and in person. You can read this site with no furter permission. Notes from the Workshop will also be published here. To contribute online you will need a FreelyAvailablePassword. To attend the workshop, you should participate online and submit a proposal for attendence.

We don't want the workshop to turn in to a mini-conference that is nothing more than a series of unrelated presntations. For this reason we would like people who have code models to describe to do so in the context of a particular problem. We could for instance introduce a problem, describe a tentative solution in a specific code model, and then discuss alternative solutions.

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