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The following is a list of journals that I contacted and will be publishing free advertising for PLoP'99. I included some info for each one, as how much time in advance the call for participation was sent. I also listed the calendars and mailing lists where I posted the calls for PLoP'99.
		 -- Alejandra Garrido


	Contact: Will Tracz <>, editor. 
	I had to write a "press release", in a paragraph or two. 
	They will use it as a column filler and they reserve the right 
	to edit it to fit the space they have. 
	They need it by May 15th to make the July issue. 

  • ACM Communications
	Contact person: Helen Pacheco at
	They work  3 months in advance. I sent the call for participation in
	April so it would appear in July. 

  • Software Development
	Contact: Theresa Gonzalez at
	They also work 3 months in advance.

  • Dr. Dobb's
	Contact:  Jon Erickson <> 
	The June issue (in reader's hands in May 1) went to the printer on
	April 13th. The July issue (out June 1) was the first available slot, 
	as of April 12th.


  • ACM Calendar
	I sent email to with title, start-end date, location,
	url, description in less than 15 words. For information on how to list
        events in the ACM Calendar see

  • IEEE Computer
	I sent an email to with event name, dates,
	location, contact person, email, web page.

Mailing lists

  • Patterns' lists
  • OTUG


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