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My primary page is at [1], and I also invite you to visit my page at http:wiki?TomStambaugh.

I've created (in collaboration with Ward) a family of clones that I collectively call Mu (in homage to DouglasHofstadter). An outgrowth of this is a MuWeb dedicated to discussing MuWeb(s) (as well as their relationship to Wiki and its other clones). I invite you to participate in this discussion by visiting MuWebWeb[2].

I cloned a wiki for use inside CambridgeTechnologyPartners (I called it CambridgeTechnologyPartnersWeb), but I've since left them. They shut it down when I left and my understanding is that it is no longer in use. I had to make some changes to overcome the length restriction, which I'll explain in my new clone (see below).

The call to AsAnchor in HandlePost had to come prior to the dbmclose, I it is, the db was closed by the time AsAnchor was called, causing AsAnchor to think the new page was not defined. I fixed this in CambridgeTechnologyPartnersWeb and also (I think) here.

You may be interested in TomStambaughDebuggingWikiClones.

October 1, 1998

I've cloned several WikiWeb(s) inside ?ElectronicPressServicesGroupInc, where I'm now consulting. We tend to use one for each engagement, and we consolidate our collective knowledge about the engagement in the web for that engagement. There tend to be between 5 and 10 developers hitting on each one. We'd really like to be able to integrate it with an Envy-style repository, so that we can easily maintain multiple versions of each page. We're also playing with mechanisms to easily link to and from other programs.



Last edited October 8, 1999
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