Ward Cunningham


I'm a software developer and researcher best known for my contributions to the practice of object-oriented programming. My company, Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. [3], host this, and several other, public sites. I am very interested in novel server design, particularly as it relates to the internal needs of the enterprise. Please let me know how I or my company can be of assistance to you.

  Ward Cunningham
  Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.
  7830 SW 40th Ave, Suite #4
  Portland, Oregon 97219

I run one database with this script. It's devoted to old timers that once were members of the ham radio club at Purdue. Visit it at http:yb. [2] I am also currently running three production databases on the old (non hyper) wiki script.


I'm adding questions and comments about the code to the PerlPatterns page. I tried adding them to the WikiBase pages themselves but the formatting changes were lost. My guess is that's because WikiBase pages are automatically generated from the HyperPerl source rather than from the normal Wiki database. P.S. PerlPatterns and my name aren't showing up linked on your page either. --ChrisBaugh

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