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So, what prevents someone from entering script here to execute on someone's browser?

</pre> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> document.write('Hello World'); </script>

i don't see the purpose of wiki. it seems pretty damn stupid to me

wha--- who said that? gary is that you? fd

er...aaahhhh...hi! how is everybody? having a party? nyahahahaha

hi cyan and bo... hi xtine and bon.. hahahahaha...

Hello!! Hope you have a nice day.... :-)

Thanks. You to

 Alo, alo galera do Wiki: - SBAR esteve aque

Presenting the online poll for this year's Kalabasa Awards

Nominating Matt for Noisiest Employee of the Year


testing 1... 2.... 3...

And in the end the love you get is equal...

to the love you make. <hr>
"<HR>" "<hr>" &lt;hr&gt;


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