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AtisWiki is a WikiClone based on CvWiki.
  • requires a server such as Apache
  • uses perl5 features, e.g.
  • Somewhat modular: Backend (CVS) and wikimarkup-to-html-conversion are implemented as Perl Modules.
  • Multiformat: You can choose at runtime between different markups: ascii, wiki, html, transclude.
  • page renaming.
  • script to convert the Wiki to html.
  • GPLed (thanks, Ward!)

AtisWiki was developed for in-house documentation at ATIS Department of Computer Science, University of Karlsruhe / Germany. -- MarcusDenker

The project can be found at

 It is available at ... /AtisWiki.tar.gz
 Installation Instructions can be found at the project site


Last edited March 19, 2002
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