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Anyone want to start a Central Florida Patterns Group? Let me know.

I am using wiki to support internal design discussions -- the wide accessibility, ease of use, and low cost are all very positive.

We use it for a few different projects and stuff... just making a symlink to the base wiki is sufficient to build an entire new wiki tree - it will create the "database" directory if need be, and add to it.

The newest incarnation of my file-based wiki, kwiki, is blindingly-fast *and* can use a 'rc.$ScriptName' file to load some settings... so several "different" wikis can all tie to the same executable...

I've also got a public Sailing Wiki [2] that I'm gonna use to build a Pattern Language of Sailing... please read/critique/contribute/thumb your nose at me

I'm pondering a more lively wiki - a ?PersistentWiki ...

I've hacked it to uses files (rather than DBM) so you can send if you want me to send out a copy.

I've also added a little sub to (if one so chooses) verify that a host is from a list of trusted machines/domains, to keep out bad guys ... which is nice for some less-than-public discussion.

I've also added a [subscribe user@host] tag, so interested parties can be notified of changes to a particular page. It is effective for the case where someone doesn't like looking at RecentChanges, but does result in extra email

I've also added a list all pages function, which will return all the pages in the wiki space; it can also (optionally) return all valid references within those pages. Often useful for browsing titles; a high-level view

I've also added a "linked by" list at the end of each page- it gives a nice list of all pages that reference this particular page.

I've also added a "read only" button, to write-protect a page; it prevents illegal posting of data, as well as removing the "edit" link, for any write-protected pages. Causes the page in question to be editable exclusively by the machine that marked it, or by the machine hosting the pages

I also use the other wiki [1]


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