Chris Garrod


I have been hacking and whacking at Ward's code for about a year now. My wiki has the DbmProblem, and I think I've begun to like having that problem

My wiki is learning!

Hardly anyone visits my wiki but me, so I've done some experiments there.

I have backed up an old bird book which had lots of notes from the field ... ki?search=_bona_

A DateStamp is used instead of RecentChanges, and the link pattern understands them.

Today, 20020113, I added support for three and four letter acronyms to the linkpattern


20020302 I think I widened it to {2,something} -- ?WikiRemembersIforget

I allowed the . in a search pattern

Pages changed or mentioning this year can be found at: ... ki?search=_2002_

When he added _ to the LinkPattern to represent .* really cool things happened, see ... Ward_Cunningham_ as a great example -- the table that results shows that we need a subroutine in HyperPerl to TurnBlue some results shown there

My wiki - the database was deleted by ?PatrickRusso around 20020825. I'm looking for a place to restore my backup.


Last edited September 8, 2002
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