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there are several wiki implementations i know of:

the wiki as provided right here from this site. it works marvellous, but it has no rcs support. furthermore, it doesn't need any more than a working perl installation with dbmopen support. this is a sort of anarchic version built by ruffians who work amongst ruffians, ie. not the academia way. should be very well suited for sociological study in case one is also interested in web logs, irc and the like. i don't know if it's possible to do a project blackboard there with everybody having chalk :)

the MoinMoin Project:, which is in python rather than perl. it has rcs, AFAIK, and i like python much better :)

TWiki is also in perl, it has rcs and is very complicated to set up. i tried several times to get it up for a non-apache, Lynx/ELinks combination for true admirers of the internet. i tried Thttpd and was fiddling with both Mathopd and MHttpd.fork.ssl, so far no go, although it should be simple. the "simpler" httpd's need their CGI's to write the entire header suit out to the client, which can usually be arranged for, and they need the usual ?EnvironmentVariables, which also can be arranged for, but with more, if more worthwhile, effort.

the SourceForge project phpwiki, which implements a wiki in php, ready for the APache:

Wiki: Welcome Visitors

please also refer to: OneMinuteWiki and the WikiWikiSandbox

and of course, the winner in all categories would be GNU-SmallTalk's SWiki, a version of which can also be found in SQeak, which is even more winning in even more categories. wow! SQeak lets you use it's inbuilt internet browser, which does ?FlashAnimations, it has a mailer, it lets you share entire projects over the 'net, and everything to the smallest detail is SmallTalk-80!

the Faq-O-Matic http://faqomatic.sourcef ... rve/cache/1.html


Last edited March 25, 2002
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