Cv Wiki


CvWiki is a clone of Ward's code that

  • uses flat files for text,
  • supports direct transclusion of external web pages
  • stores backlinks with their pages rather than searching for them (so backlinks pop up immediately)
  • and is fully integrated with CVS so you've got
    • unlimited undo,
    • no edit collisions, and, best of all
    • WayBackMode.

There are several smaller twiddles in it too, like debugged ?LinkPatterns and ?EmphasisPatterns. But it's all backward-compatible with the existing wikibase.

A large amount of this clone is still under Ward's copyright, but unless Ward has objections you should be able to pick up a copy of Pete's hack at (this link seems to be broken). Pete's parts of this are all under LGPL.

Be warned that installing the thing properly will require you to install CVS (see ) which is free but requires a little expertise. And CvWiki comes with zero documentation at the moment ... but see peoples' experiences on


See also AtisWiki (and someone please explain the divergences?)

More information (and up to date ?) may be found at

Is this a split between two servers at (/cgi/wiki and /cgi/wikibase) ?


Last edited April 19, 2002
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