Dave Harris


My Wiki main page is at http:wiki?DaveHarris. I'm generally more likely to see comments in http:wiki than here.

I am a ?RegisteredUser, but so far I am only thinking about running a server. I am also thinking of implementing a clone as a Java servlet. In the long run, I have some more or less ambitious plans for things to do with it. In the short term, I need something better than email for private collaborative work. Update - my WikiClone is to be called Spike (aka SpiKe).

I'm a bit concerned about the proliferation of Wiki sites. For example, it's annoying to define a DaveHarris page here which just links to the other system. It's annoying to have two RecentChanges links to check. One aim for a WikiClone should be to find a better way of managing this.

I'm moderately interested in collaborating with other people, at least at the level of discussing ideas for making WikiClone(s) work together. (Currently MuWebWeb is the place for that.)

-- DaveHarris

Pages I've started here:
Pages I should see:
(Please fill this one in for me. I'll delete entries after I've read them. You can leave messages for me here, too.)


Last edited January 7, 1998
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